Internal Reports and Reviews

Chair Roles & Responsibilities
 University of Maryland Department Chair Roles, Responsibilities, & Authorities
ODI External Review
 University of Maryland External Review of Diversity and Inclusion Report
Report of the Research Institute Advisory Committee
 This report serves as a review of policies, procedures, and practices for the establishment, operation, and review of research institutes at the University of Maryland. It serves to compare our policies, procedures, and practices to those of peer institutions; and to provide recommendations on best practices for how existing and new institutes can operate more efficiently and effectively at executing their mission on behalf of the University.
UMCP Report on the Universities at Shady Grove
 The University of Maryland College Park’s Report on the Universities at Shady Grove (USG), regarding administrative oversight, enhancing ongoing growth, and increasing academic offerings.
Online Learning at UMD Findings and Recommendations
 In light of the growing online activity at UMD and the 2017 MSCHE accreditation report, the Provost charged an ad hoc group of 18 UMD faculty and staff to discuss key issues relating to online learning at UMD and provide guidance on appropriate levels of oversight and support.
Honors College Strategic Visioning, 2017
 Summary of recommendations from the 2017 Honors College Strategic Vision Committee. The committee's work followed internal and external reviews of the University of Maryland Honors College in 2014 and 2015, respectively.
Tenure-track Faculty Salary Equity Study
 Report to the Provost investigating trends in tenured/tenure track faculty salaries, using data from FY16, with a focus on a study of whether statistically significant differences exist by gender or race/ethnicity. The report was released in November 2017.
Classroom Scheduling Guidelines
 Renewed guidelines regarding scheduling of class sections were approved by the Provost in August 2017. They can be found on the web site of the Office of the Registrar, under "Faculty and Staff" (
The UMD Classroom Master Plan
 This plan was developed by the Teaching Facilities Committee at the request of Provost Rankin. The report was released in October 2017.
Findings and Recommendations Regarding English Language Proficiency Requirements
  This is a report from a committee, charged by Provost Mary Ann Rankin, with providing a set of recommendations concerning English language proficiency requirements at the University of Maryland. The report was released in Sept 2017.
Online Strategy Working Group | Initial Report
  This is a report from an ad hoc working group of 18 campus members who were charged with discussing key issues relating to fully online instruction. It was released in August 2017.
Internal Review Committee Report | The Libraries at the University of Maryland
 In April 2017, Provost Mary Ann Rankin charged the Internal Committee to Review the University Libraries. The internal review of the University Libraries was completed on July 11, 2017.
Review of the Operations and Functions of the Graduate School
 In August 2016, Provost Mary Ann Rankin charged the Graduate School Review Committee with the task fo reviewing the operations and functions of the Graduate School at the University of Maryland. The review was completed on December 19, 2016.
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